Outcome of ProFirst (PFPTP) system applied to UK 2010 election results:
MPs in alphabetical order, with voting power (ave.per MP = 42,525)
Elected MP Voting power in the House Party Country / Constituency
No. Rank order
Williamson, Gavin 37,286 245 Conservative England: Staffordshire South
Willott, Jenny 85,022 51 Lib-Dem Wales: Cardiff Central
Wilson, Phil 34,598 313 Labour England: Sedgefield
Wilson, Rob 29,553 475 Conservative England: Reading East
Wilson, Sammy 19,741 632 DUP Northern Ireland: Antrim East
Winnick, David 25,527 564 Labour England: Walsall North
Winterton, Rosie 31,599 416 Labour England: Doncaster Central
Wishart, Pete 106,326 42 Scottish National Scotland: Perth and Perthshire North
Wollaston, Sarah 30,486 451 Conservative England: Totnes
Wood, Mike 41,128 150 Labour England: Batley and Spen
Woodcock, John 36,258 270 Labour England: Barrow and Furness
Woodward, Shaun 46,466 81 Labour England: St Helens South and Whiston
Woolas, Phil 27,055 534 Labour England: Oldham East and Saddleworth
Wright, David 30,465 454 Labour England: Telford
Wright, Iain 31,024 435 Labour England: Hartlepool
Wright, Jeremy 36,051 275 Conservative England: Kenilworth and Southam
Wright, Simon 85,340 50 Lib-Dem England: Norwich South
Yeo, Tim 34,112 331 Conservative England: Suffolk South
Young, George 43,175 114 Conservative England: Hampshire North West
Zahawi, Nadhim 36,199 272 Conservative England: Stratford-on-Avon
  27,598,988 Total votes cast at each fully-attended Division on UK matters in the House  
  42,525 Average (arithmetic mean) voting power per MP  
  Note: The Speaker renounces Party affiliation and cannot vote, but under ProFirst (PFPTP) all votes from the Speaker's constituency are assigned pro-rata to that country's MPs in the party which achieved the winning votes there.